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LACASCARA® is the unique creation of cascara, grapefruit and raspberries - without artificial additives and free of pesticides.

Cascara is the red pulp of the coffee cherry that covers the coffee bean.

With the perfect balance of fruitiness and a slightly bitter note, it is a completely new enjoyment.

Perfectly served as a spritz, with tonic water or on the rocks.

  • LACASCARA Cascara


    The use of cascara is sustainable and provides coffee farms with urgently needed incomes.

  • Cascara Blatt


    LACASCARA® is created from fruits. Without artificial colors and flavors.

  • LACASCARA Glas Cascara


    Balanced slighty bitter, fruity flavors.

    Made with love in Germany.

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What is the cascara fruit?

Cascara is the red pulp of the coffee that surrounds the coffee bean.

100% upcycling: While the coffee production focuses on the coffee bean, cascara remained unused and was wasted in large quantities all around the world.

Cascara impresses with its slightly bitter, fruity taste that reminds of rose hips and honey.

Which ingredients contains LACASCARA® Aperitivo?

Many other aperitifs contain numerous artificial additives (colorings, acidulants, stabilizers, sweeteners, etc.). This way the price of production can be reduced.

We have decided to completely avoid artificial additives. The taste and color of LACASCARA® Aperitivo are made of fruits.

Using our self-developed, particularly gentle manufacturing process, we extract the characteristic aromas and the red color from the fruits.

How to drink LACASCARA® Aperitivo?

Enjoy LACASCARA® Aperitivo mixed with a sparkling wine or with tonic water. You can also drink it pure on the rocks or use it in many desserts.

You can find numerous recipe ideas here .

Does LACASCARA® Aperitivo contains caffeine?

Due to our particularly gentle manufacturing process, LACASCARA® contains only very small amounts of caffeine, which have no effect on the human body.


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  • 5cl LACASCARA®
  • 15cl sparkling wine
  • ice cubes
  • grapefruit
  • rosemary
  • 5cl LACASCARA®
  • 20cl tonic water
  • ice cubes
  • grapefruit & raspberry
  • rosemary

...or enjoy 4cl LACASCARA® pure on the rocks with a grapefruit zest.

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