We take many measures to enable climate-friendly shipping.

Our shipping boxes are made from 100% recycled paper, we only use paper for padding and try to reduce packaging material to a minimum. Our buildings fulfill the latest standards and we obtain our electricity from renewable energies.


Transform the LACASCARA® bottle to a special light object. LED bottle lamps are available with a stopper or to put over the bottleneck (Ø inside: 20mm, Ø outside: 30mm).


Dried or freshly cut flowers - there is the right floral decoration for every season. It's best to cut the flowers by yourself at a farmer in your region. You can also look for organic or fair trade seals.


Dip the bottom of the candle in warm water until the wax has softened, then press it into the neck of the bottle. Palm oil-free drip candles are best, as the liquid wax runs down the neck of the bottle.


You should wash your brushes immediately after painting. As long as the color is still fresh, warm water and soap are usually sufficient. Let your brushes dry in a warm place.


Do you have other great ideas on how to reuse LACASCARA® bottles sustainably? Write us - preferably with a photo.


If you want to dispose the 100% recyclable glass bottle, we ask you to throw it into a glass container. Glass bottles can also be recycled with lids or corks. Since sorting requires energy, we ask you to remove the cork beforehand.


As a manufacturer, we are obliged to license our shipping and product packaging. The license fees ensure that used packaging is collected, sorted and recycled in Germany. We also make sure to use less and easily recyclable packaging into circulation. The obligation to license packaging helps protecting the climate.