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TV Bundle: 1x LACASCARA® Premium Aperitivo + 2x LACASCARA® Spritz

TV Bundle: 1x LACASCARA® Premium Aperitivo + 2x LACASCARA® Spritz

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Upcycling of cascara

Devoted craftsmanship

slightly bitter, fruity


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The modern Premium Aperitivo with the taste of cascara (coffee cherry pulp) - perfect with sparkling wine, tonic water, on the rocks or in a cocktail.

LACASCARA Spritz is less sweet and less bitter than traditional aperitifs.


TV Bundle

- 1x LACASCARA® Premium Aperitivo

- 2x LACASCARA® Spritz



LACASCARA® was awarded gold at the DLG International Award 2023 and received the maximum number of points in all categories.

At the “European Spirits Trophy” LACASCARA® was awarded with the gold medal.

Awarded the Spirits Trophy 2023 by Falstaff in the “Best of Aperitifs” as the best German aperitif.


Amount and alcohol content

- Aperitivo: 1x 500ml, 16% vol. Alc., liqueur 
- Spritz: 2x 200ml, 11% vol. Alc., alcoholic mixed drink

Recyclable glass bottles.

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LACASCARA Kaffeekirschen Aperitivo Cascara Upcycling Novel Food Lebensmittel


The modern premium aperitivo with the taste of the Cascara (coffee cherry pulp).

Cascara is the red pulp of the coffee cherry that covers the coffee bean. While coffee production focuses on the coffee bean, large quantities of cascara remained unused.


We create this unique, slightly-bitter, fruity aperitivo from cascara, grapefruits and raspberries.

✔️ No artificial additives

✔️ No artificial flavorings

✔️ No preservatives


Selected music for your aperitivo. End the day with LACASCARA®.